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A concise, available creation to this intriguing and dynamic subject.* Adopts an procedure grounded in physics instead of mathematics.* contains labored examples and pupil difficulties, besides tricks for fixing them and the numerical answers.* Many reviewers have commented that this can be the most effective 'introductory undergraduate point' texts at the topic and they might all welcome a moment variation.

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Any ants that start close enough to be able to pass one another must do so at no more than two centimetres per second even if the Universe is expanding. 22 NEWTON/AN GRAVITY The expansion of space is just like that of the balloon, and pulls the galaxies along with it. 4 The fluid equation Fundamental though it is, the Friedmann equation is of no use without an equation to describe how the density p of material in the Universe is evolving with time. This involves the pressure p of the material, and is called the fluid equation.

4. Confirm that the peak emission lies in the microwave part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Finally, compute the total energy density of the microwave background. Chapter 3 Newtonian Gravity It is perfectly possible to discuss cosmology without having already learned general relativity. In fact, the most crucial equation, the Friedmann equation which describes the expansion of the Universe, turns out to be the same when derived from Newton's theory of gravity as it is when derived from the equations of general relativity.

4. 2 A schematic illustration of the evolution of a Universe containing radiation and matter. Once matter comes to dominate the expansion rate speeds up, so the densities fall more quickly with time. 2 shows the evolution of a Universe containing matter and radiation, with the radiation initially dominating. Eventually the matter comes to dominate, and as it does so the expansion rate speeds up from a(t) oc t1/2 to the a(t) oc t 2/3 law. It is very possible that this is the situation which applies in our present Universe, as we'll see in Chapter 11.

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