Airplane Design Parts I-VII by Jan Roskam PDF

By Jan Roskam

A useful encyclopedia of ancient plane info, layout equations and strategies.

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3. 1. Control Output and reference Adaptive Control Systems Time in seconds Estimated theta1 Est. 2 Robust adaptive control with  ˆ 10 À5 Time in seconds Estimated theta1 Est. 07587 It can be observed from the above simulation results that the algorithm developed in this chapter can guarantee the stability of the adaptive system in the presence of the modelling uncertainties, and the smaller tracking error could be achieved with smaller update rate parameter . Most importantly, the knowledge of the parameters "1 and "2 of the upper bounding function and the knowledge of the leading coecient of the parameter vector 1 are not required a priori.

Indeed, Q…s† is a ®xed stable transfer function and not a time-varying operator so that we essentially recover the scheme presented in [4]. Consequently, this scheme admits a simpler stability analysis as in [4] although the general analysis procedure to be presented in the next section is also applicable. 1), we see that the Q…s; equivalence design becomes  à ” t† ˆ Wm …s† P…s; ” t† À1 Q…s; …1:18† Our stability analysis to be presented in the next section is based on results in the area of slowly time-varying systems.

23) has the following properties: ” is bounded, and jj…t† ” À …t ” À 1†jj P l2 . (i) …t† ” is bounded and non-decreasing, thus converges (ii) C…t† f …1=2 …” …t† ‡ Q…t††1=2 ; e"…t††2 (iii) 1 ‡ …t À d†T P…t À 1†…t À d† (iv) jjp…t†jj ‡ j”1 …t†j > bmin where P l2 bmin ˆ j1 j m—x…1; jj à jj† with à de®ned such that ” ˆ P…t† à  à ˆ …t† 1À" bmin (v) j"1 …t†j > 3‡" " is bounded, and jj…t† " À …t " À 1†jj P l2 (vi) …t† Proof De®ne a Lyapunov function candidate ~ T P…t†À1 …t† ~ ‡ C…t ~ ‡ 1†† ~ ‡ 1†T À1 C…t V…t ‡ 1† ˆ 12 ……t† …2:24† 34 An algorithm for robust adaptive control with less prior knowledge ~ ˆ …t† ” À  à , C…t ~ ‡ 1† ˆ C…t ” ‡ 1† À ‰"1 where …t† "2 Š T .

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