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By Prigogine I.

Within the final many years, Chemical Physics has attracted an ever expanding quantity of curiosity. the diversity of difficulties, corresponding to these of chemical kinetics, molecular physics, molecular spectros-copy, delivery methods, thermodynamics, the examine of the nation of topic, and the range of experimental tools used, makes the nice improvement of this box comprehensible. however the outcome of this breadth of material has been the scattering of the correct literature in a good number of courses.

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27 illustrate the waterfall spectra and the evolution of representative Raman bands of C-N-C vibration in the imidazole ring and of Br-C vibration in bromobutane, which decrease during the first 90 min of reaction. New Raman bands at 560, 678 and 1444 cm–1 become apparent at reaction times longer than ca. 90 min due to the formation of dialkylated imidazolium salts. This change in Raman spectra remains unnoticed to gas chromatography. The formation of an ionic liquid phase is evidenced by formation of an immiscible phase.

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