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Non traditional production approaches, Non conventional production methods

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Then kinetic energy (KE) of a grit is given by KE = - nm 2 a2 f 2 2 ^ d 3pa|7t2 a2 f 2. 9) A grit penetrates to the depth equal to ‘h’ into the workpiece. It is assumed that full KE of the grit is absorbed by the workpiece before it comes to rest. Then the work done by a grit (assuming triangular variation of force (F) with the depth of penetration) is given by Work done, Wg = ^ F hlh (From Fig. 3c). Work done by the grit (Wg) should be equal to the KE of the particle. 10) LL O C L O lU Fig. (c) Fig.

Vi. With an increase in abrasive particle size in AJM (a) MRR as well as sur­ face finish increase, (b) MRR decreases but surface finish increases, (c) MRR increases but surface finish decreases. vii. 5 mm, (c) 1-5 mm. S. ix. In AJM, MRR increases with (a) increase in NTD, (b) decrease in NTD, (c) no effect of NTD. x. , (c) WC. REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Draw a schematic diagram of AJM system and label it. Explain the working principle o f AJM process. With the help of sketches, show the effect of stand-off-distance on (a) width of cut, (b) material removal rate.

The coefficient of magnetostrictive elongation (Em) is defined as E n= A L /L where, AL is the change in length and L is the length of the magnetostrictor coil. This kind of transducer is known as magnetostriction transducer. A device that converts any form of energy into ultrasonic waves is called ultrasonic transducer. In USM, a transducer converts high frequency electrical signal into high frequency linear mechanical motion (or vibration). These high frequency vibrations are transmitted to the tool via tool holder.

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