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By Geoff Rayner-Canham et el.

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What types of compounds, when dissolved in water, do you think would cause the bulb to glow? ˾ Can you generalize your results for all compounds? What factors would you have to consider? CHAPTER 2 CHECK POINT You are given the chemical formula H2S04. List as many facts about this compound as you can determine just by looking at its formula. Explain how you deduced each fact. 1 Chemical Bonds and Ionic Compounds Key Understandings When you have completed this section, you will be able to: ˾ use the octet rule to explain the stability of ions ˾ understand how ionic bonds form ˾ identify the elements on the periodic table likely to form ionic bonds ˾ describe the physical and chemical properties of ionic compounds ˾ draw Lewis structures for ionic compounds ˾ identify some chemical reactions in the body In the previous chapter, you saw the relationship between the properties of the elements and the development of our modern periodic table.

An electrolyte is a substance that conducts electricity in the molten state and in solution. D. thesis, that the particles of a salt such as sodium chloride were not made of atoms but of charged particles called ions, which were responsible for the conduction of electricity. This was a revolutionary concept because at that time, the atom was viewed as being structureless and indivisible. 12 Simple apparatus for testing the conductivity of a solution WORD ORIGIN Ion comes from a Greek word meaning “wanderer,” since these particles carry electricity through the aqueous solution of an ionic compound, as well as through its molten state.

4. Although silicon is used in computer chips, there are other chemical elements that can be used in semiconductor devices. Identify these elements and give reasons for your choices. Suggest why silicon is used even though the other elements are superior in certain properties. Applying Inquiry/ Communication Skills 5. Of all the elements discovered so far, state which one probably has the largest atomic radius. Explain your reasoning. 6. 21 show the relationship between the electronegativities and the first ionization energies for some period 2 and period 3 elements.

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