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By Barbara Shaw McKinney

This publication is a year-after-year favourite with academics. It engagingly leads readers worldwide following a drop of water - even if as steam or snow, within a plant or animal, or underground - instructing the wonders and significance of the water cycle. (There is a lot of geography, too.) 4 pages of technology concerning the features of water are incorporated.

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Yes, water is the world’s best solvent. Stupendous Bend-Ability Water can do a remarkable thing—it can bend light. This refraction fools us about the size and location of underwater objects. When water vapor in the sky bends sunlight after a rain, light is split into all of its colors—called the spectrum—and we are treated to a rainbow. Barbara Shaw McKinney is a teacher as well as a poet. She was inspired to use the magic of children’s literature to spark her students’ curiosity about the wonders of water.

And almost everything you eat has lots of water in it. An apple is about 84 percent water, a carrot is about 88 percent water, and lettuce is 95 percent water. Since milk is mostly water too, cows and other mammals must be sure to drink plenty of water, enough to nurse their young. But water is just a visitor—it is always leaving bodies, too. ” Did you know that your body is 65 percent water? Everybody needs water—lots of it. Cloud Maker Drink plenty of water, then “huff” outside on a frosty morning.

When nearly motionless, their form changes from a fluid to a solid—ice or snow. Snow appears when water vapor freezes in mid-air. But if water vapor condenses into ice crystals when touching a very cold surface, like a windshield on a winter morning, we see frost. Warm them up and watch them flow again. Pollution Solution Everybody loves sparkling clean water! But sometimes water pollutes itself by dissolving things that shouldn’t be there, so it must be purified. One way to solve this problem is to run water through a filter, trapping the unwanted things.

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